Misdirection Master Strikes Again

In what is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence, Seattle’s #1 real estate cheerleader yet again wields her powers of misdirection in response to a probing reader question. Q: There is an entire group of people today who’ve never gone through a major recession. How will home prices be affected if we do have […]


March Reporting Roundup

Back from my busy week of travel and recharged over the Easter weekend, it’s time to post the March roundup. As usual, let’s kick things off with Seattle’s #1 real estate cheerleader, Ms. Rhodes, with her fawning article about all about how great and wonderful it is that median prices increased last month. After stalling […]

Seattle Immune to Financing Woes?

When the question is “how will the current home lending meltdown affect the housing market in Seattle,” the answer depends on who you ask. For instance, if you ask #1 Seattle real estate cheerleader Elizabeth Rhodes, the answer is something to the effect of: “Seattle is special. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” […]


$400,000 is Not "Affordable"

A couple of interesting letters to the editor floated to the surface today in response to Ms. Rhodes’ latest article. Here’s my favorite: I guess I don’t understand how anyone would think that a $400,000 to $500,000 price tag on a town house is considered to be affordable housing. Not for folks who work for […]


Bubble Link Roundup

It’s time to clear out all the news alerts in my inbox again. Here’s another round of local real estate links from the past few weeks: Seattle definitely appears to be “special” in one area: real estate websites. Ms. Rhodes reports on ForeclosurePoint; the latest to join the fray. Bremerton: up and coming? If you […]