Housing Stats: Seattle vs. Other Big Cities

Building on the data that was presented yesterday, here’s a sortable table of some more detailed housing stats for the 25 largest US cities by population. Included below are population, density, median sale price, median price per square foot, median rent, median household income, median list price, and some ratios of sale prices to rents […]

List Prices: Seattle vs. Other Large Cities

Admittedly, yesterday’s post comparing home prices in Seattle to a remote location in Wisconsin really wasn’t fair. Granted, it was posted more for humor than for serious consideration, but there are certainly better comparisons that we could have made. So what would be more fair? How about if we take the top 25 cities in […]

Seattle Go Boom?

This is admittedly only very tangentially related to Seattle real estate, but this news article caught my attention this morning: Congressman implies: Seattle could be nuked Huffington Post columnist Jason Linkins writes today about an e-mail sent by Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo., not Ala. as the headline reads) regarding the United States’ missile defense plans. […]

Robert Shiller at SPU—Psychology and the Housing Market

Increasingly-famous economist and housing market sage Robert Shiller spoke in Seattle this morning at a business breakfast downtown and this afternoon at Seattle Pacific University. Mr. Shiller’s presentations focused on the role that psychology plays in economic markets, a topic that he explores with co-author George Akerlof in their recent book Animal Spirits. The morning […]

Bill Virgin: Will Recession Hit Seattle Harder than Elsewhere?

Yet another great editorial from Bill Virgin: Once considered recession-proof, Seattle no longer is Recessions, Seattle has long believed, were phenomena that happened to other, less fortunate, less blessed and, frankly, less gifted parts of the world. … Until now. As recently as the first half of 2008, you could find plenty of people who […]