Seattle-Area Housing Oversupply Still Increasing

One set of data we like to check in on occasionally is the big picture of local housing supply and demand, measured by comparing the total number of housing units to the total number of households. You may recall the last time we checked in on this data back in March: Local Housing Oversupply Could […]

Which is Larger: Pent-Up Demand or Pent-Up Supply?

Whenever local real estate professionals are quoted in the paper lately, it seems that one line we’ve been hearing repeated a lot is about the alleged loads of “pent-up demand” out there. The thinking goes that there are hundreds thousands upon thousands of potential buyers out there that are “waiting on the sidelines” or “sitting […]

Local Housing Oversupply Could Disappear by July 2010…

Good news everyone! The latest population estimates for King County have been released by the Census Bureau, and at the present rate of population growth, we’ll be able to use up all of our excess housing inventory by July of next year… …if all residential construction across the county completely ceased after July 2008, that […]

Housing Shortage or Overbuilt—A New Look at Supply and Demand

There has been some talk lately about the overall housing stock in the Seattle area, and whether construction has been able to keep up with population growth, or if there is a housing shortage that will lead to another housing boom in a few years. So I thought now would be a good time to […]


King County NOT Running Out of Land

For those that continue to insist that home prices around Seattle are high because “supply isn’t keeping up with demand,” I would like to point out the 2007 King County Buildable Lands Report. This is what the report has to say about building activity in King County from 2001 through 2005: King County gained more […]


Has Seattle Reached a new Plateau?

A reader going by the name Angie has been making some comments on a couple of posts the last few days that merit further discussion: …the fact is that in some places in the US all but the very rich have been priced out forever! NYC, coastal southern California, San Francisco, etc, etc. It’s been […]