Zillow & Trulia Still Apathetic About Data Quality

As regular readers here may know, after the world’s longest home search, I finally bought a house in May 2011. Specifically, we closed on May 20, 2011 and paid $224,950. Last week I happened to pull up my home on Zillow, and was greeted with an interesting surprise. According to Zillow, I purchased my home […]

MLS-Powered Search Sites Hold Major Advantage Over Zillow & Trulia

Full disclosure: The Tim is employed by Redfin. Earlier this month, Redfin released the results of an in-depth study of real estate listing accuracy across various websites, including Redfin, Windermere, Zillow, and Trulia. The results will not surprise anyone who has attempted to do any serious home searching on these sites, but I still wanted […]

Dick Beeson Finally Reluctant to Call the Bottom

Big hat tip to SeattleJo, a reader who pointed out to me that last week our local PBS affiliate KBTC aired an interesting episode of their “Northwest Now” program, focused on local real estate. The whole thing is worth a watch, but the real fun starts at the 5:38 mark, when host Tom Layson has […]

Reader Question: Rotting from the Inside on Day One?

A reader emailed me an interesting observation/question in response to yesterday’s discussion of Seattle’s cheap, ugly townhomes. There’s a trio of townhouses very near where I live. They’re interesting because they lay partially framed for (if I’m recalling correctly) more than a year and a half — at least through one Winter/Spring. They actually have […]

So, Who’s Going to Buy Zillow Stock?

As you probably know, Zillow will be going public with an IPO later this year. They made a few headlines today (TechCrunch, GeekWire, TechFlash) with an annoucement that their initial target stock price will be $16-$18, putting the company’s valuation at $485 million. So here’s a weekend conversation starter for you: Will you be buying […]