NWMLS Levys Big Fine for Using Zillow’s “Coming Soon”

Back in June when Zillow launched their “Coming Soon” listing feature, we pointed out here that you wouldn’t be likely to see “Coming Soon” listings in the Seattle area due to an explicit NWMLS rule forbidding member agents from “promoting or advertising any property in any manner whatsoever” before entering the home’s listing into the […]

Choice Quotes From Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff

If you think Zillow is primarily a real estate search site, and that home buyers and sellers are Zillow’s customers, you are wrong.

Zillow is a lead generation site. Home buyers and sellers who use Zillow are the “leads.” They are not the customer, they are the product that is being sold to real estate agents.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff describing Zillow’s purpose and philosophy in his own words…

Three Months in, Zillow’s “Coming Soon” Barely a Blip

After being sharply criticized by both real estate agents and consumer groups, just a little over three months after the well-publicized launch of their new “Coming Soon” listing feature, Zillow’s attempt to convince listing agents to share their pocket listings seems to be a flop. Between the feature’s June 12 launch and my initial data […]

Zillow + Trulia = Love Forever

After swirling rumors and speculation last week, it is now official: Zillow and Trulia announced this morning that they will merge. Trulia shareholders will get 0.444 shares of Zillow stock (Z) for every share of Trulia stock (TRLA), making the deal worth $3.5 billion at today’s prices. I’ve never been much of a fan of […]

Zillow’s “Coming Soon” Off to a Slow Start

After seeing quite a bit of uproar in real estate industry circles about Zillow’s new “Coming Soon” feature (a.k.a. pocket listings for dummies) last month, I decided to see how popular actual usage of the feature was a few weeks after the big launch. After all, actions speak louder than words. Last week I spent […]

Zillow’s “Coming Soon” Won’t be Coming to Seattle

In case you’re wondering why you aren’t seeing any of Zillow’s “Coming Soon” listings in the Seattle area (or pretty much anywhere in Western Washington, for that matter), GeekWire had a great post today on that topic: Why you won’t find Zillow’s new ‘Coming Soon’ feature in its hometown of Seattle None of these listings […]