Bad Real Estate Loans Hitting Local Banks

Over the weekend, the Seattle Times published an article titled Bad real-estate loans stack up for smaller local banks, about the exposure local banks have to real estate loans. The gist of the article was that many local banks, squeezed out of the mortgage business by the likes of WaMu and Countrywide, had doubled down […]

Radar Logic Shows Seattle MSA Price per Square Foot Dropping at 17% per Year

Many of you are aware of the “Residential Property Index” published for the top 25 MSAs by Radar Logic. Radar Logic has a similar business model to MacroMarkets with the Case-Shiller Index (e.g., creating housing-based contracts to be traded on a futures market) but there are some key differences in the way that they calculate […]

What happens to listings?

As a follow-on to Tim’s post yesterday about the practice of relisting properties, here is a look at what has been happening to inventory over the past few years, and how the trends have changed over time. The questions “what is happening with all of those listings” and “how many sellers just give up?” have […]

Inventory Growing Like Gangbusters

As a follow on to Tim’s post yesterday about December stats – the thing that jumped out at me from his post was the growth in inventory. Given that there have been a few comments on the blog about home sales picking up, I thought a data-driven look at what is happening with active listings […]

Portland worst, Seattle first

In my perusals of real-estate blogs this morning, I ran across a link to Housing Predictor, a site which has recently published a forecast for the top and worst performing housing markets in 2008. Housing Predictor describes their business as follows: We examine more than 20 micro market characteristics in each market place, including income […]

NWMLS: Seattle off 1.5% YoY, King County off 1.1%

Quick post, NWMLS numbers have been released for December – showing that both Seattle and King County SFH have gone negative on a year-over-year basis. From Aubry Cohen at the PI The median selling price in December was $455,975 in SeattleInfolgedessen wenn Sie bequemem Vorratsbehalter online denken, überpruft Organisation Ihr Schotterhaufen oder Einkaufen auf Ihrer […]

Rents to Rise, or Home Prices to Fall?

One of the arguments often discussed with respect to the housing bubble is the fact that the ratio of prices to rents has been fairly consistent on a historical basis, but that this ratio has been blown out in the past few years as home prices have shot up. Indeed, this can be seen in […]