Real Estate and Online Advertising

I ran across this chart about top online advertisers, and thought it was kind of interesting in light of events in the real estate market. I would assert that several of the top 10 are either directly or tangentially related to the real estate boom. #2 – Experian – credit reports. Not sure why they […]


REALTOR® vs. Reality

Continuing The Tim’s trend of quick posts, I thought I would add this to the flurry of news today. King5 ran a news piece last night that is summarized in this article, entitled Home sellers upping incentives in crowded market The piece quotes Reba Haas, one of the contributors over at Rain City Guide. She […]


If we’re at the top, where do we go from here?

Many of you may have read my previous post that tied the performance of the Case-Shiller index to the growth in inventory. Since then, I’ve done a bit more tweaking of that model – which has proven to be reasonably consistent with actual results over the past few months. Better on the YoY figure than […]

The Mythical Equity Locust

There are many arguments to be had between the Seattle Bubble housing bulls and bears, but one belief that seems to be commonly shared is that one of the primary drivers of demand and pricing in our market is a steady stream of rich Californians moving up and driving prices up. The bulls argue that […]