October Case-Shiller: Seattle’s Slide Picks Up Steam

The October data from from Case-Shiller has been released, showing that Seattle remained one of only three markets to have positive year over year returns (in addition to Portland and Charlotte), while posting it’s third straight month of declining real estate values: – Down 0.94% between September and October. – Up 3.30% YOY. We now […]

Your down payment could cost less than your latte

I got this in the mail earlier this week, and just had to share. Houses are still cheaper than latte’s, apparently… [Addendum] I clicked through to the site that the postcard directs you to. The “bonuses” are pretty significant relative to the starting prices, it seems to me. Buyer Bonuses at Select Communities For purchases […]

Lawrence Yun confirms: Seattle is Special

Picked this up from Aubrey Cohen’s blog. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for the NAR and well-known real estate seer has confirmed what our local press and real estate folks have know for years: Seattle really is special! It’s about jobs and Microsoft millionaires. Why didn’t we think about that?!?! Seattle a “superstar” market Seattle is […]

Washington Real Estate: 40% overvalued?

I ran across this very interesting analysis of the California real estate market by Goldman Sachs this weekend (PDF alert!). It is the author’s contention that in the past, changes real estate prices could be explained by two factors: disposable income and interest rates. They then go on to demonstrate, as shown below – how […]


A Dose of Reality from the Everett Herald

I picked up this article off of The Housing Bubble this morning and thought it was worthy of a blog post.  This is probably the least rosy depiction of the local real estate market I have seen from any of our local MSM outlets in the past few years. Selling a house? What to do now With […]


Now is a good time to sell… NOT!

I’ve noticed a few posts in the comments and over in forums regarding inventory levels – which appear to be flat to down over the last couple of weeks. Given these I thought it was worth laying out a historical perspective on inventory levels. If you’ve delved into the Seattle Bubble spreadsheet, you know that […]