Statewide Form 22A—Financing Contingency: The Broker’s Perspective

The statewide financing contingency form, Form 22A, present parties with some serious issues to consider. Prior pieces addressed seller and buyer concerns, but Form 22A also presents brokers with serious issues to consider.

The most complex issues for listing brokers may involve the seller’s decision to send a request to the buyer to waive their financing contingency using Form 22AR. Some attorneys believe that a seller’s request for waiver should frequently be sent simply because the waiver of the financing contingency would benefit the seller. In contrast, I would note that in practice I have seldom seen Form 22AR sent, either by my listing clients or sellers when I represent buyers. That calls into question why there is a difference between what some lawyers in Washington think should be done, and what actually occurs…

Traditional Agents More Popular Than in 2007?

A couple weeks ago our weekly poll asked: Will you use a traditional real estate agent for your next home purchase? This poll was actually a re-run from almost seven years ago when we asked the same question. Here’s how the results of the two polls compare: The sample size on both polls is really […]

What do real estate agents still not “get”?

photo by Flickr user Rob Shenk I’ll be spending the day today at Real Estate BarCamp Seattle, which is basically an ad-hoc conference where real estate professionals get together and share ideas. Most of the attendees will be agents, but there are usually also some mortgage, title, escrow, and other professionals in attendance. The structure […]