Knife-Catcher: Year Two Recap of Tim’s Home Purchase

With two full years of home ownership/debtorship now behind me as of today, it’s time to share some more highlights, stats, and thoughts from year two. First up, the financial highlights from the first two years: Initial Loan Amount: $179,950 Current Loan Amount: $160,700 Total Spent in Year One: $24,294 Principal Paid: $8,907 Interest Paid: […]

Randy Stupey

My wife learned some sad news yesterday from our mailman: Randy Stupey, the 30-year-old husband and father of two that we purchased our house from last year, passed away last month in a hiking accident in the north Cascades. Randy was not an anonymous seller in a hands-off, agent-run home sales transaction. As a contractor […]

Homebuying Tip: Get a Sewer Scope Inspection

So far in this week’s poll more people have indicated a preference for homes built before 1940 than any of the other options. If you’re shopping for older homes, in addition to your regular inspection, you should really get a sewer scope done as well. A sewer scope is exactly what it sounds like. They […]

Knife-Catcher: Year One Recap of Tim’s Home Purchase

With a full year of home ownership/debtorship under my belt as of yesterday, I thought it would be fun to share a few highlights, stats, and thoughts from the first year. First up, the financial highlights: Initial Loan Amount: $179,950 Current Loan Amount: $171,043 Principal Paid: $8,907 Interest Paid: $8,357 Insurance Paid: $596 Property Tax […]

Pro Tip: LeakFrog to the Rescue

Sorry, no time for a substantive post today. Dealing with a leak a section of my home’s sewer line that runs right under the platform the previous home owner built to hold the water heater. Thankfully, when water started pouring out of a failed joint last night, the LeakFrog I had placed in that area […]

Best Housewarming Gift Ever

As if providing me excellent mortgage service through my homebuying process wasn’t enough, long-time Seattle Bubble friend Rhonda Porter recently dropped off a hand-made belated housewarming present for my family: Note the bubbles coming from the chimney of the house. So amazing. Thanks again, Rhonda! P.S. (If you’re new here, no, I am not a […]

Bubble Bloggers Buying Houses: Officially a Trend

New Jersey. Seattle. San Diego. Three outspoken bubble bloggers who started websites in 2004 and 2005 to tell the world not to buy a home during the biggest housing bubble in history, all finally buy homes in their respective markets within nine months of each other. I wouldn’t take it as an economic indicator of […]