One Third of Seattle Homebuyers Have Unaffordable Mortgages

Aubrey Cohen reports on a recently-released report out of Harvard. The report isn’t your usual rah-rah, go housing type of fluff, and actually shows Washington State as being among the markets with a larger percentage of risky loans. I don’t imagine it’s a coincidence that there’s not even a passing mention of the report in […]


Wanted: Construction Job in Seattle

Either this report is a fabrication, or the guys in question haven’t been clued in to how special Seattle is… Construction workers from across the country came to the Cedar Rim Apartments in Newcastle for a major remodeling project.They worked for weeks but were only partially paid. Now, some are stranded and taxpayers are footing […]

Spot the Fundamentals

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Spot the Fundamentals,” and the way we play it is by looking at some of the “fundamentals” to figure out which ones are responsible for our area’s high home prices. The frequent condescending argument of the cadre of Seattle area housing bulls (real estate agents, “analysts,” the press, and […]


Forbes: Seattle Job Market Middling

Seattle home prices can’t possibly fall, because we’ve got one of the best job markets in the country! At least, that’s how the argument goes… but according to the latest claims from Forbes, that argument might not hold much water. Oklahoma has inspired its share of songs and one memorable musical. But it’s not exactly […]


Microsoft & Boeing: Seattle’s Firm Foundation

Illustration: James McFarlaneClick to enlarge Question: How many of the Seattle-area’s much-vaunted Boeing jobs will fail to materialize with the collapse of a $2.2 billion order? Question: Are predictions about Microsoft job growth perhaps just as “overly aggressive” as Vista sales forecasts (according to CEO Steve Ballmer)? Just curious. Seattle Bubble Tip Jar


Condo Shoppers Lie Low

This article appeared on the front page of the Puget Sound Business Journal early this month. While typically not read by the general public, “Biz Journals” are widely circulated throughout the business community. Local businesses use the publication to keep tabs on their customers and competitors and to stay abreast of local business news. I’ve […]

"This is a great time to buy a home."

Check out this absolutely delightful paid advertisement masquerading as a “guest editorial” in today’s Seattle Times. It’s penned by Mr. Samuel L. Anderson, the executive officer of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. The media have been all abuzz over the past year about the softening in the housing market. … At […]