Does Job Growth == Home Buying Demand?

An article in the Times yesterday about the Puget Sound’s job recovery following the dot-com bust got me thinking again about the oft-claimed jobs to home prices correlation. The usual assertion goes something like this: “Prices are justified because our economy is strong (i.e. – lots of jobs), and as long as we keep adding […]

Slowing Condo Market? Not Here! Not Here!

The New York Times yesterday ran a story about the struggling condo market in many parts of the country, and with as much attention as it received, you just knew the local news couldn’t let it go unanswered. Enter Aubrey Cohen of the Seattle P-I with Seattle bucks trend on slumping condos. Seattle’s market was […]

2007 Optimism, Part III: Some Cracks Appear

This is the last post in this impromptu series. There were just so many articles out there full of “expert” quotes and predictions about the Puget Sound’s economic outlook for 2007. Here are three more articles that discuss the interaction of the local housing market with the greater local economic picture. Surprisingly, the housing affordability […]

Optimism on the Menu for 2007

In addition to the standard E. Rhodes fluff piece that Synthetik posted about on Sunday, there were a couple other articles posted over the weekend that conveyed a general sense of optimism about Seattle’s housing market in the coming year. Here are a few choice quotes from Mike Benbow’s article in the Everett Herald titled […]

Always Trust The ‘Experts’

What’s the point about worrying about global warming when we’re getting all this hot air from Elizabeth Rhodes? Please enjoy this year end feel good article about our robust housing market here in Rain City. One of this year’s biggest residential real-estate topics was the anticipated slowdown in sales and appreciation. Would the Puget Sound […]


A California Comparison, Part 2

Yesterday I compared King County to San Diego County in order to address some of the reasons we commonly hear that the Seattle housing market will remain strong. The focus of this post is slightly different than Part 1, where I used San Diego as an example to show that certain positive local attributes will […]


A California Comparison

Since Mr. Kelly did such a poor job of actually comparing the Northwest to California, I’d like to get my own idea of how the two compare. For the illustrative purpose of this post, I’m going to be comparing the regions of Seattle and San Diego. Here in King County, the median home price (condos […]