Local Unemployment Up Again

The local unemployment rate continues to rise sharply, according to the August data that was just released. As economic thunderstorms lash Wall Street and soak most of the rest of the country, Seattle and Washington state have managed to stay fairly dry. But beware: The skies are darkening quickly. Unemployment in Washington state took a […]

Job Growth Turning to Losses, Rents Holding Steady

Here’s a pair of interesting articles from the Puget Sound Business Journal this weekend. Puget Sound job growth slowing to trickle The [Puget Sound] Economic Forecaster, published for the last 15 years and used by companies and governments across the region, is predicting the four-county region will add just 5,900 jobs in the third quarter […]

Local Economy in for a “Long Slog”

Jon Talton wrote a great article for the Times a few days ago that goes deeper than the usual “Boeing! Microsoft! Pink Ponies!” type articles and explores all the ways the Seattle region is exposed to the slowing economy: For local economy, it’ll be a long slog. …the national slowdown is finally hitting the Puget […]

Local Unemployment On the Rise (Wait, Still?)

The last time we checked in on unemployment data for the Seattle area, local data was rapidly catching up to national stats, with statewide unemployment jumping from 4.7 percent in April to 5.3 percent in May, and Seattle-area unemployment bumping up seven-tenths of a percent to 4.1 percent. Well, it didn’t take long for Washington […]

Housing Slowdown Begins to Trash Local Economy

It looks like the housing bust may have finally caught up to us up here in the Northwest. According to the latest data from the Employment Security Department, unemployment in the Seattle metro area jumped 7/10 of a point last month alone. Here’s an excerpt from the Seattle Times: Unemployment in Washington state took its […]

State Economy Continues to Slow

According to the latest data, it looks like the state economy is slowly catching up to the unwinding national economy. More than 3,000 jobs were lost in Washington last month, pushing the unemployment rate to 4.9 percent, up from a near record low of 4.5 percent in February, the Employment Security Department said Tuesday. The […]

Washington Job Market Still Growing Slowly

Here’s the latest on the state economy. Everything’s coming up roses, it would seem. Washington continued to defy the multiple drags on the U.S. economy in February, as state payrolls added 3,500 jobs and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.5 percent. “We’re really different from the national economy at this point,” said Evelina Tainer, […]