Welcome to Seattle Bubble

Since I was on KING 5 News last night and KOMO 1000 radio this morning*, I thought it would be good to write up a slightly more detailed post aimed at answering the question: “What is Seattle Bubble about?” So, here’s a summary of the important points. The Bottom Line: Now is not a good […]


Seattle’s Strong Employment to Save Home Prices (Or Not)

Unlike the other cities across the country that experienced surging prices and are now seeing price declines, Seattle will be immune from such forces. Why? Because of our strong employment, of course! Here in Seattle, our job market is so much better than the rest of the country, there’s no way our home prices could […]


News Quickie: Microsoft Might Not Save Us

Turns out we’re not the only ones that harbor some doubt about Microsoft’s ability to single-handedly shelter Seattle from a housing downturn. That exact subject was the topic of a recent Times editorial by Brier Dudley. Microsoft may not be minting millionaires anymore, but it’s growing at a time when Seattle’s glad for anything that […]

Gangbuster Job Growth, Lackluster Incomes

One of the most frequent arguments you’ll hear if you ask someone to try to justify Seattle’s high home prices is job growth. It usually sounds something like this: “We’ve got Boeing and Microsoft, and all these highly-paid, high-tech jobs are continually being added to our strong economy.” Well, as you all know, we’ve beat […]


The Spin Cycle: Then vs. today

Greetings Bubbleheads. I am humbled to be in the good company of many excellent folks from all walks of life and professional backgrounds! My wife went off to a “purse party” (whatever that is, please don’t ask) last night. So, my two sons and I had a BBQ and listened to Dave Neihaus call the […]

“Positive Fundamentals” with “Hints of Weakness”

Ahh, Les Christie of CNN Money—the perfect national companion to our local captain of the real estate cheerleading squad, Elizabeth Rhodes. Where would we be without your frequent reports reminding everyone across the country just how special Seattle is? In the middle of a nationwide housing slump, a few markets have held their ground – […]