Evening Magazine on Tim Ellis & Seattle Bubble

Are you a first-time reader that saw me (Tim Ellis) on KING 5 Evening Magazine this evening? If so, welcome to Seattle Bubble.

First let me say that while I am flattered that John Curley and Jim Dever referred to me as a “real estate guru,” that is not a title that I have ever or would ever give myself. As I said in the segment, “I’m just a guy doing all this research, and putting it out there for you to see as well.” I hope that you find this resource to be of use.

Seattle Bubble is the Seattle area’s top resource for news, analysis, commentary, and community discussion on the local real estate market. We focus on productive discussion, improving understanding, and dispelling myths.

Please take a moment to look around the site. Drop by the About Page for a brief summary of what we do.

Here are some recent stories that summarize what’s going on in today’s real estate market around Seattle:

For anyone that is interested but didn’t catch Evening Magazine tonight, you can view the video on the KING 5 website, or right here (if you don’t mind YouTube’s lousy quality).

Update: Sweet, you can view a much higher-quality version on YouTube itself (but I can’t embed it).

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About The Tim

Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market. Tim also hosts the weekly improv comedy sci-fi podcast Dispatches from the Multiverse.


  1. 1
    cutienoua says:

    How much did they edit?smile
    Good job!

  2. 2
    TJ_98370 says:

    Wow! KING 5 Evening Magazine! You’re a local celebrity! It’s great to see that your work is gaining the attention and credibility it deserves.

  3. 3
    Scotsman says:

    Good job, Tim! that was a pretty even-handed presentation for this market. i would have expected a more anti-bubblehead slant. It seems the message is getting out that perhaps Seattle isn’t all that different from the rest of the country.

  4. 4
    Ray Pepper says:

    I loved it. Just an average guy doing ABOVE average research. Your tone fits perfect and it sure looks like your just out to help people.

    Ray Pepper

  5. 5
    AndyMiami says:


    Your best mainstream appearance to date. A simple, yet elegantly delivered statement that stated that it costs 1/2 of the cost to rent vs, own says it all…thank you

  6. 6

    Tim, have you thought about getting a RE license? ;)

  7. 7
    Ben says:

    Great news story Tim, congratulations on how well it all went.

  8. 8
    Buceri says:

    Great Tim. Very elegant, and the spin was very positive.


  9. 9
    Jason Q says:

    What neighborhood were you walking around in?

  10. 10
    johnnybigspenda says:

    I’ve seen that house before… Green Lake… flipper house with no backyard.

    Nice job on the interview. You didn’t even seem like a raving crazy person :)

  11. 11
    Mirtika says:

    Hey! Tim’s cute!

    Um, okay, that was totally shallow. :)

    Good job.


  12. 12


    We appreciate your efforts.

  13. 13
    matthew says:

    I think the public is finally beginning to understand that falling home prices need to correct, and that the correction will actually benefit more people than it will hurt.

  14. 14
    Ray Pepper says:

    Now Tim when will you begin to educate the masses about **Reator to Buyer credits.** You have a platform now. Please begin to educate what you already know. That the day is coming that every buyer will ask every Brokerage ” How much will I get when I buy from You?” The Brokerages that pay the MOST, and provide the BEST in customer service/education, and can maximize revenues through Lead Generation will win. All the major Brokerages will begin to advertise “Buy with us and get…………” Sadly though, It will take years. But, the public still has no concept on how much they can truly earn when buying a home.

    The same old arguement from the same old Realtors. “Use one of these type Brokerages and you will lose for they are NOT Professional Realtors.” This same old rhetoric from the same Old Brick and Mortar.

    Realtor to Buyer credits is not new. Its just UNSPOKEN. Even the Mtg Reps who worry they will lose their Realtor friends because of affiliations with the NEW Era of Brokerages. Just SICKENING!! These Mtg Reps WILL lose these friends in coming years anyway because the SECRET is coming out. Day by Day. Help Tim in the education process. I will gladly hang your license on the wall or in 2 years I will sign off your Brokers License and you can start 400.00 Realty. I don’t care. Just help EDUCATE.

    Ray Pepper

  15. 15
    Clint8200 says:

    Good work Tim.

  16. 16
    disbelief says:

    Congrats Tim,

    It came across well, in spite of the typically disregard apparent in the editing of “local” news (not very world-class unfortunately)

    plus, statements like “Seattle real estate market MAY be softening” tells me that these guys haven’t forgotten “which side their bread is buttered on”, if you know what I mean.

    As to Rhonda’s question “Tim, have you thought about getting a RE license? ;)”, my guess is he would likely wait until purchasing a house (or being in the RE business) was widely regarded as the “worst decision / investment you you could make” (but of course she was joking).

  17. 17
    disbelief says:


    I meant purchasing a house as an INVESTMENT.

  18. 18
    Ubersalad says:

    Tim doesn’t seem like a sales guy to me. It’s one thing to discuss something and breaking it down, it’s another to sell.

  19. 19
    shawn says:

    Tim you are too modest.

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  20. 20
    AndySeattle says:

    Can someone please translate to me what the heck Ray Pepper is talking about? I think my brain is warped from trying to read his post.

  21. 21
    deeplennon says:

    AndySeattle, his posts are created by a random word generator.

    When he doesn’t post, he doesn’t get any free advertising. Luckily he automated the process to save him the time and hassel.

  22. 22
    Ubersalad says:

    Ray, can you send me the program you’re using? I need one to keep up my presence at various blog as well.

  23. 23
    Ray Pepper says:

    I’m sorry if I confused you all. I’m waiting to fly out and I rambled as I left the office. In a nutshell………Just keep reading this blog and in time you will get it. I have 9 years left to assist in the education of the masses. Or ask Tim. I’m sure he took the time.

  24. 24
    david losh says:

    the thing i liked about the tv presence was tim sitting on the car. when most of us would be as stiff as a board, tim was talking. he was a guy talking to us on the sidewalk as if we happened upon him in the neighborhood. he was a neighbor taking a walk, talking about Real Estate.

    you just believe in him. as much as the media tried to make it all his opinion you just know the guys right.

  25. 25
    yeslerhill says:

    Right on, The Tim. It’s great to see your work being taken seriously by the mainstream media.

  26. 26
    Eleua says:

    Nice exposure. I find it interesting that the tone was, “WOW! Someone has a different opinion. Imagine that? His opinion was also derived from his own research (rather than from being spoonfed at some degree mill).”

    Nicely done.

    The truth is the next ‘black swan.’

  27. 27

    […] consider myself to be a “real estate guru,” as the TV folks seem to have become fond of calling me (though I am flattered).  While this program got some minor points of fact incorrect, the piece as […]

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