What’s Special About Seattle?

One of the arguments that is frequently heard from people who don’t think there is a real estate bubble in Seattle is that the Seattle area is somehow special, and has unique characteristics that will protect it against real estate price corrections. Although I agree that Seattle is a wonderful place to live (why else […]

Early Slowdown Signs in Olympia

Following up on the Olympia market is today’s story in The Olympian: Home sales surge in August He noted that there were 1,038 homes listed for sale last month, a 9 percent increase from 955 listings a year ago. Also, he said, homes that sold last month were listed an average of 45 days, 8 […]

Would You Pay $200k for 500ft²?

Although this isn’t a news item so much as it is a blatant advertisement (a.k.a. “press release”), I still found it to be another interesting sign of the times. Called Mosler Lofts, the 12-story condominium project is located near downtown restaurants, shopping and attractions, and Seattle Center. The lofts will range in price from the […]

How Will Katrina Affect Housing Markets?

The New York Times today has an article that asks whether the effects of the hurricane will shorten or extend the housing boom (bubble): Hurricane Katrina destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, threw at least a million people out of work, disrupted supply lines for businesses and brought misery to untold numbers. Will it also […]

Seattle Civil Defense Manual – 1951

Okay, this isn’t related to real estate or housing bubbles, but it is related to the Seattle area, and I thought it was interesting enough to make a quick post about it here. I’ve just uploaded a pamphlet / magazine from 1951 called the Seattle Civil Defense Manual to my personal site. It’s a 25 […]

Talking About Me Behind My Back

It seems that my blog interests at least a few people other than myself. Thanks to the wonders of StatCounter, I have unearthed the blog posts of some other interested locals. These fine individuals are none other than: Jim Miller, who says that my focus is “narrow, but tremendously important, especially in this area.” Timothy […]