Seattle Cheaper Than Most Other Tech Cities

According to a report by an organization called the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Seattle’s housing is among the more affordable of the eight “technology regions” they surveyed. For those in Seattle who complain about housing costs, traffic delays, taxes or other issues, the report provides a little bit of comfort. At least you don’t live […]

Real Estate Boom Beefs Up State Income

The real estate blitz is having a noticeable effect on state revenue: Washington state’s surging economy, driven by a continuing construction boom and red-hot real estate market, will pump an additional $493 million into state coffers, forecasters said today. The good news – the third quarterly revenue surge in a row – brings the state’s […]

How Long Can Huge Price Gains Continue?

To me it’s not a question of whether or not the ridiculous price gains of recent years will continue, but rather how long will they continue? Though other parts of the country have shown some signs of slowing, in the Seattle area the answer is apparently “a little longer.” King County’s home price increase means […]

Snohomish County Budget Balanced on Home Sales

Are local governments setting themselves up for budget troubles if/when housing takes a downturn? That is to say, are they taking increased revenues from the high volume and high price of home sales and using them for regular operating expenses, rather than treating it as a surplus? More tax money is forecast to flow into […]

What’s Special About Seattle?

One of the arguments that is frequently heard from people who don’t think there is a real estate bubble in Seattle is that the Seattle area is somehow special, and has unique characteristics that will protect it against real estate price corrections. Although I agree that Seattle is a wonderful place to live (why else […]