Talking About Me Behind My Back

It seems that my blog interests at least a few people other than myself. Thanks to the wonders of StatCounter, I have unearthed the blog posts of some other interested locals. These fine individuals are none other than: Jim Miller, who says that my focus is “narrow, but tremendously important, especially in this area.” Timothy […]

Seattle Wages Decreasing

Speaking of our local economy, one big question on my mind regarding the potential housing bubble is “how do wages stack up to the rapidly increasing housing costs?” Thanks to the US Census Bureau, I now have an answer, and it doesn’t look good for Seattle. The census report outlined a Seattle-area economy that was […]

Is Seattle’s Economy A Bubble Buffer?

The Puget Sound has built a reputation as a high-tech industry destination, with top tech companies such as Microsoft and calling the area home. Thanks in large part to companies like these; we have a healthy, growing economy. But as those who lived through Boeing layoffs in the 1970’s know well, nothing is permanent. […]

Expensive Housing Highlighted in Bellevue

The King County Council held a town hall meeting in Bellevue last night to discuss the Eastside economy. One of the hot topics in the meeting was of course housing. For instance, it was suggested that restrictive land use regulations have a hand in the skyrocketing housing costs: King County needs to consider loosening the […]

Seattle’s Bubbling Stupidity Gets More Attention

You may recall a few weeks back when I highlighted a sad example of bubble mania here in Seattle. Thanks to locally-based MSN Money columnist Bill Fleckenstein, that little stunt is getting even more attention. There was another sign of the times in “Bidders win unseen lands, discover they bought trouble,” a story in the […]