Expensive Housing Highlighted in Bellevue

The King County Council held a town hall meeting in Bellevue last night to discuss the Eastside economy. One of the hot topics in the meeting was of course housing. For instance, it was suggested that restrictive land use regulations have a hand in the skyrocketing housing costs: King County needs to consider loosening the […]

Seattle’s Bubbling Stupidity Gets More Attention

You may recall a few weeks back when I highlighted a sad example of bubble mania here in Seattle. Thanks to locally-based MSN Money columnist Bill Fleckenstein, that little stunt is getting even more attention. There was another sign of the times in “Bidders win unseen lands, discover they bought trouble,” a story in the […]

"Olympia market overvalued or just fine"

The Olympian is reporting on both sides of the story with their latest report: Studies disagree on real estate’s future. According to a study produced by National City Corp., a financial holding company based in Cleveland, Ohio, home prices in the Olympia market were overvalued by as much as 18 percent. But a separate study […]

"I could think of effervescence"

The general purpose of this blog is to post only stories relating specifically to the Seattle real estate / housing bubble, but Ben Jones pointed out an article on Bankrate.com that was just too good to pass up. It highlights people who have sold their homes and are renting while they wait out the bubble. […]

Apartment Development Explosion

Here’s another anecdotal example of the explosion of new apartments and condos being built in Seattle: Already across the street from Deano’s they have brought an apartment building with a Safeway and Starbucks on the ground floor.…Another building across the street — the site of the former Oscar’s II nightclub across East Madison Street at […]

Seattle Rents Creep Upward

Though not nearly at the break-neck speed of housing, it appears that the cost of renting is slowly creeping up in Seattle: As the regional economy picks up and people from outside the area arrive for jobs, the overall demand for rented housing is increasing. In the Seattle area, rental rates have climbed by as […]