Follow-Up: Local Radio On the Bubble

Well, 710 KIRO has completed their 5-day series of reports on the “housing bubble.” I put housing bubble in quotes because they slyly changed the name of their report from CloseUp: Housing Bubble to CloseUp: Betting Against The House. All in all, I’m a bit disappointed in this “close-up” report. The first two parts were […]


Confusing Conflicting "Experts"

The Seattle Times last month followed up on the Forbes report ranking Seattle as the most overpriced city with a report on the many conflicting opinions about the Seattle real estate market. Veteran Seattle real-estate agent Don Henry is certain the rapid run-up in home prices has put Seattle into bubble territory. “There are just […]

Forbes: Seattle Most Overpriced City

Most people reading this blog have probably already seen this month-old report from Forbes that ranks Seattle as the #1 most overpriced city in the country, but I thought it would be pertinent to post here anyway, especially considering the more recent report that places Seattle “way down” at #86 most over valued. To determine […]

Zealous Optimism = Growing Equity Borrowing

At least someone in the Seattle media is paying attention to the dangerous situation that a lot of people are getting into so they can afford a home around here: The housing market around here has been so hot for so long that some homeowners assume prices will always go up. But the experts warn: […]

"Seattle…likely not facing a housing bubble."

There’s nothing quite like optimism: Despite soaring home prices here, the greater Seattle area is likely not facing a housing bubble, a new study indicates. The study they’re referring to was reported earlier in the week. Though Seattle did not reach the arbitrary “30% overvalued” threshold for being “vulnerable to price correction,” it still ranked […]

People do Stupid Things in a Bubble

The headline pretty much says it all. When Moe Batra saw the auction listing for a parcel of land near the Skagit River, he thought it would be the perfect place to build his retirement home. So Batra, 58, joined about 2,000 other people at a land auction in Lynnwood last month put on by […]