Apartment Development Explosion

Here’s another anecdotal example of the explosion of new apartments and condos being built in Seattle: Already across the street from Deano’s they have brought an apartment building with a Safeway and Starbucks on the ground floor.…Another building across the street — the site of the former Oscar’s II nightclub across East Madison Street at […]

Seattle Rents Creep Upward

Though not nearly at the break-neck speed of housing, it appears that the cost of renting is slowly creeping up in Seattle: As the regional economy picks up and people from outside the area arrive for jobs, the overall demand for rented housing is increasing. In the Seattle area, rental rates have climbed by as […]

Forest Service Cashes Out At The Top

Okay so it might be a bit of a stretch, but it is rather “convenient” that they’re shedding this excess housing now, after a record five-year run up in housing values, wouldn’t you say? DARRINGTON — The U.S. Forest Service plans to sell 10 houses built about 50 years ago for employees near the Darrington […]

Local Governments Budget for the Bubble

It seems that local governments have set themselves up for failure when the housing madness finally cools off, even if it’s just a slow cool down rather than a bursting bubble. New development in Tumwater is filling the city’s coffers with the revenue from building permits and one-time taxes on construction. But city officials fear […]

Artificially Inflated Prices Add To Woes

Ben Jones of “The Housing Bubble 2” beat me to the punch on this story (how does he make so many posts each day?), but since it was reported by a local outlet (KING 5), I thought it would be good to post here. It really isn’t a particularly local story (except for one local […]

Follow-Up: Local Radio On the Bubble

Well, 710 KIRO has completed their 5-day series of reports on the “housing bubble.” I put housing bubble in quotes because they slyly changed the name of their report from CloseUp: Housing Bubble to CloseUp: Betting Against The House. All in all, I’m a bit disappointed in this “close-up” report. The first two parts were […]