Artificially Inflated Prices Add To Woes

Ben Jones of “The Housing Bubble 2” beat me to the punch on this story (how does he make so many posts each day?), but since it was reported by a local outlet (KING 5), I thought it would be good to post here. It really isn’t a particularly local story (except for one local […]

Follow-Up: Local Radio On the Bubble

Well, 710 KIRO has completed their 5-day series of reports on the “housing bubble.” I put housing bubble in quotes because they slyly changed the name of their report from CloseUp: Housing Bubble to CloseUp: Betting Against The House. All in all, I’m a bit disappointed in this “close-up” report. The first two parts were […]


Confusing Conflicting "Experts"

The Seattle Times last month followed up on the Forbes report ranking Seattle as the most overpriced city with a report on the many conflicting opinions about the Seattle real estate market. Veteran Seattle real-estate agent Don Henry is certain the rapid run-up in home prices has put Seattle into bubble territory. “There are just […]

Forbes: Seattle Most Overpriced City

Most people reading this blog have probably already seen this month-old report from Forbes that ranks Seattle as the #1 most overpriced city in the country, but I thought it would be pertinent to post here anyway, especially considering the more recent report that places Seattle “way down” at #86 most over valued. To determine […]

Zealous Optimism = Growing Equity Borrowing

At least someone in the Seattle media is paying attention to the dangerous situation that a lot of people are getting into so they can afford a home around here: The housing market around here has been so hot for so long that some homeowners assume prices will always go up. But the experts warn: […]

"Seattle…likely not facing a housing bubble."

There’s nothing quite like optimism: Despite soaring home prices here, the greater Seattle area is likely not facing a housing bubble, a new study indicates. The study they’re referring to was reported earlier in the week. Though Seattle did not reach the arbitrary “30% overvalued” threshold for being “vulnerable to price correction,” it still ranked […]