Top 10 Most-Commented Posts of 2011

Fair warning: it’s a slow week this week, so I’ll be posting a few “filler” items like this one. First up, the top ten most-commented posts of 2011, excluding open threads.

  1. 147 comments, 04/21: Has the Tide Turned Against Home Ownership?
  2. 156 comments, 10/27: Obama "Can’t Wait" to Screw with the Market Even More
  3. 172 comments, 08/13: Weekly Twitter Digest (Link Roundup) for 2011-08-13
  4. 180 comments, 10/24: "Who Is Home Will U Steal Today"
  5. 189 comments, 04/29: Claim: Seattle Real Estate Market Suddenly Heating Up
  6. 203 comments, 05/27: Guess What
  7. 210 comments, 06/10: Knife-Catcher: The Tim’s Home Search Timeline
  8. 212 comments, 12/06: November Reporting Roundup: Distressed Edition
  9. 242 comments, 06/21: The Sex Offender Bogeyman
  10. 250 comments, 07/12: Real Estate Agents: Advocates, or Deadweight?
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